Rear-End Accidents

Personal Injury Claims: Rear-End Accidents

Need help filing a claim or lawsuit after a rear-end accident?

If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a rear-end accident you have the right to seek compensation for all of your accident-related expenses. An experienced Columbia personal injury lawyer can provide you with the legal assistance you need to establish liability, as well as help you prepare the documentation necessary to file an insurance claim or lawsuit to recover damages for the injuries and other losses caused by the rear-end accident.

Sumner Law Group, LLC is a highly-regarded personal injury law firm based in Columbia, MO. Our services and legal representation are sought after by victims of a car accident or personal injury accident. We are known not only for our litigation proficiency and negotiation skills, but for our compassionate service to our clients. Our success record, having recovered millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements, speaks for itself.

Personal Injury Attorney for Rear-End Accidents in Columbia

Rear-end accidents are capable of causing serious, if not catastrophic injuries. The majority of rear-end accidents occur when one vehicle is following too closely behind another vehicle and thus does not have the time or space necessary to come to an abrupt stop. Driver distraction, aggressive driving, speeding, drunk driving, and other factors can also be key contributors in these types of accidents. The location of the accident, the speed at which the impact occurred, and the size and weight of the vehicles involved greatly affects the severity of the injuries sustained.

The type of impact caused by a rear-end collision can very easily result in severe head and neck trauma, and in worst case scenario, permanent disability in cases of spinal cord injuries or traumatic brain injuries. Whiplash is one of the most commonly seen injuries in a rear-end accident. This is due to the sudden impact and forward motion which occurs when one vehicle collides into another. Rear-end accidents may become multi-vehicle accidents with numerous victims and much confusion as to who was at fault.

Determining liability in a rear-end accident may not be a simple matter when multiple vehicles are involved. Having an experienced Columbia personal injury attorney with a long history of success in recovering damages is an advantage when it is necessary to fully prove liability in a rear-end accident. A highly skilled Columbia car accident lawyer is essential in the effort to help you to recover the maximum compensation. Our firm is on your side. We are here to provide you with the legal assistance you need to get the optimum results. To get started on the process of filing a claim or lawsuit after a rear-end accident, contact us today.

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