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Dental Malpractice Cases

Were you injured by a dentist?

Most people don't look forward to visiting the dentist every six months for their regular checkups, nor do they enjoy getting fillings, root canals or having their teeth pulled, but receiving proper dental care is necessary for one's oral health. People generally put their faith in licensed dentists to provide them with excellent preventative treatment and oral care. What happens if something goes wrong while you're sitting in the dentist chair? What happens if your dentist fails to diagnose oral cancer? What if your dentist extracts the wrong tooth or damages the nerves in your tongue causing permanent numbness?

If you have experienced significant pain and suffering, or permanent disfigurement or injury at the hands of your dentist, we suggest you contact a Columbia personal injury attorney from the Sumner Law Group, LLC to discuss the possibility of dental malpractice.

While most people are familiar with medical malpractice as it refers to a regular physician or surgeon, it can refer to a dentist as well. Dental malpractice can include the failure to diagnose oral cancer, or periodontal disease. It can include causing permanent nerve injuries that affect the patient's ability to taste; complications from negligently completed crowns or bridges; unnecessary extraction of multiple teeth; extraction of the wrong teeth; failure to refer to a specialist; incorrect use of anesthesia resulting in complications or death; faulty root canals, crowns, implants, veneers etc. resulting in injury and infections of the jaw, face and gums; failure to properly administer antibiotics prior to a surgical dental procedure, and much more.

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If you experienced any one or more of the above injuries or another significant injury at the hands of a negligent dentist, we encourage you to contact a Columbia personal injury lawyer from the Sumner Law Group, LLC for assistance. If you suffered permanent loss of sensation or disfigurement or if you lost a significant amount of income or had to receive emergency surgery, then you may be entitled to compensation from a malpractice settlement. Since there is a statute of limitations in malpractice cases, we suggest that you contact our firm as soon as possible to file a claim. You have every right to seek full compensation for your medical expenses, diminished quality of life, lost wages and pain and suffering.

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