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The Dangers of Trains


Mitchell Maserang was a 15-year-old boy who loved drawing, collecting hot wheels, his family and fishing. Like almost any teen, Mitchell had an iPod and would tune out any noise when he was listening to his music. On the morning of July 1st, 2012, Mitchell was struck by a train while walking along the tracks. Officials reported he did not hear the train coming because he was listening to his iPod. The unfortunate incident happened in Wentzville, but an earlier incident occurred in Kirkwood on May 30th where a 14-year-old teen, Cameron Vennard, was struck by a train and killed while listening to his iPod.

Approximately 1000 deaths occur each year from train accidents. According to the Federal Railroad Administration, nearly 96 percent of accidents are a result of highway rail incidents and trespassing. The obvious solution to the problem would be to increase awareness along train tracks to improve safety. Proper signage and fencing along all railroad tracks would be ideal so that another accident involving a distracted bystander or pedestrian accident does not occur. The mayor of Wentzville, Nick Guccione, has stated he wants to meet with railroad officials to have proper fencing put up so another incident like Mitchell's does not occur.

If you or a loved one has experienced an injury or loss due to the dangers of trains, we can help. Attorney Brent Sumner of The Sumner Law Group has extensive experience in personal injury law and is licensed in Missouri and Illinois. As the founder of The Sumner Law Group, Brent Sumner is dedicated to representing the hurt and families of the injured in negligence cases and wrongful death cases.

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