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Medical Malpractice
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Columbia Medical Malpractice Attorney

About Medical Malpractice Cases

Injuries and illnesses caused by medical malpractice can have long-term health consequences for patients, including permanent disabilities. Doctors and medical professionals such as dentists, chiropractors, psychiatrists and nurses have a legal obligation to provide a standard of care for their patients. When their negligent or careless actions result in physical harm, they can be held liable for damages. This includes injuries resulting from:

  • Incorrect, wrong or no diagnosis
  • Medication overdose or under dose
  • Mistakes made during surgery
  • Improper medical procedures

If you were injured by a medical practitioner, a Columbia personal injury lawyer should be contacted to discuss your case and how to pursue damages for your injuries. Claims against a doctor or hospital often require extensive investigation and the help of independent medical experts who can provide insight into the more technical aspects of the case. It is recommended that you consult an attorney that not only has malpractice case experience, but also the resources to provide effective representation.

We can also help you with the following types of claims:

Emergency Room Errors 
The emergency room is often a busy and chaotic environment that is overcrowded with patients. Unfortunately ER doctors can adhere to a substandard level of care which can cause patient injuries or deaths by extended waiting periods, failing to order necessary tests, or by misdiagnosing patients' conditions.

Hospital-Borne Infections 
When hospital staff fail to wash their hands or sanitize equipment and surfaces, hospitals can be a breeding ground for hospital-borne infections. While hospital-borne infections are commonly transferred by direct contact with hospital personnel, they can be transmitted through the air and via contaminated equipment, medications and foods.

Surgical Malpractice 
Approximately 4,044 surgical errors that should never happen occur in U.S. hospitals every year. These "never events" include leaving sponges or towels inside patients, wrong-site surgeries, wrong-patient surgeries and wrong-procedure surgeries.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer in Columbia

Medical malpractice can result in life-altering injuries and fatalities. Health care professionals are trusted to use their skills to provide patients with proper care and treatment. When they fail in that duty and it results in an injury, you have a right to seek monetary damages. This can include compensation for hospitalization and other injury-related medical expenses, lost income, pain, suffering, and emotional trauma.

The Sumner Law Group is a respected personal injury firm that has successfully represented clients injured by medical malpractice. We will thoroughly review your case and have it evaluated by a knowledgeable medical professional. Any mistakes or errors that were made by your health care provider will be documented, along with the severity of your injuries and their impact on your life. Our firm will ardently protect your rights to compensation and pursue maximum damages for your injuries.

Contact a Columbia medical malpractice lawyer for legal advice if you or a loved one were injured by a health care provider. 

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