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Dealing With Insurance Companies
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Columbia Car Accident Attorney

Dealing with Insurance Companies

If you have been injured in a car accident, it's important that you understand how to deal with the insurance company. At The Sumner Law Group, LLC, Attorney Brent Sumner's aggressive approach to his clients' cases has earned him membership in the Million Dollar Advocates Forum® and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®, a prestigious trial lawyer organization made up of less than 1% of U.S. attorneys.

Attorney Brent Sumner knows how to deal with insurance companies and pursue a favorable settlement through negotiations, or where necessary through a favorable jury verdict by going to court because he has experience working for a large insurance defense firm. With insight into how insurance companies operate, he has the upper hand during negotiations with the insurance carrier.

While there are many reputable insurance companies with huge marketing budgets, all insurance companies large and small have one thing in common: to generate profits. Aside from charging premiums, insurance companies maintain their profit margins by minimizing the costs associated with personal injury claims.

If you are injured in a car accident, you should contact a Columbia car accident lawyer to represent you during the claims process. Keep in mind that insurance carriers frequently dissuade injured parties from hiring a personal injury attorney. Once a personal injury lawyer is involved, the likelihood of receiving fair compensation is far greater than when the insurance company is in control of the claims process.

Why Hire a Columbia Car Accident Attorney?

Attorney Sumner knows what it takes to handle the insurance company and to pursue maximum compensation. If you forgo legal representation, the insurance company will likely persuade you to accept a quick, yet low-ball settlement offer. When personal injury claims are processed quickly, several key elements to a case can be overlooked and the injured never receives what he or she deserves.

Attorney Sumner will not only guide you as to which information you should disclose, but he will equally guide you so you know what not to disclose. For example, even if you believe you were at fault, you should NEVER admit fault at the accident scene or to an insurance adjuster. Following an accident, people are often talkative, emotional, or even under the influence of pain medications and this is not the right time to negotiate a permanent settlement with an insurance adjuster. Whatever you say to an insurance company will be used later in a courtroom and you cannot omit your statements after they have been recorded.

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When you've been injured in an accident and have to deal with an insurance company, it's best to seek advice from a personal injury lawyer from The Sumner Law Group, LLC. We will ensure that you and your family are protected and we will not accept a low-ball settlement offer. If the insurance company is unreasonable, we are willing to take your case to trial if that is what is needed to help you obtain the compensation you deserve!

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