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Workers’ Compensation
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Columbia Workers' Compensation Attorney

Have you been injured at work?

When you have suffered an injury in a work setting, you may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits as provided by state and federal laws. While there are many protections for workers who are injured on the job, since 2005 the laws in this state have been changed to make it more complex for workers to file a claim and collect the compensation they are entitled to. That is why we recommend that you immediately contact a Columbia personal injury attorney from The Sumner Law Group to assist you in pursuing your benefits.

Current law requires that a worker must show that the injury was caused due to work factors. An accident is now defined as unexpected event that is of a traumatic nature or unusual strain caused by a specific event. With the help of our firm, we can help you file the appropriate paperwork with your employer and document the facts of the accident so as not to delay your benefits. Such serious injuries as burns, spinal cord and even catastrophic injuries can affect your for the rest of your life and must be appropriately addressed.

Workers' Compensation Benefits in Columbia, MO

Injured workers are entitled to weekly benefits for temporary disability which equals a certain portion of your pay, medical treatment coverage and payments for injuries causing disability. While most employers take care to provide this coverage to their employees, some fail to properly report claims and will often try to have them denied. It is important to have someone working on your behalf in seeking all of the benefits you should receive when injured at work.

There are many factors that can affect the amount of benefits you receive, the length of time you can remain off the job while you recover and what to do if you cannot return to your regular job. With our aggressive legal assistance, we will ensure all aspects of your claim are carefully reviewed in order to maximize the compensation you receive.

Contact a Columbia workers' compensation lawyer today if you have been injured on the job. 

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