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Elderly Man is Beaten to Death at VA Hospital in Columbia


Colorado Congressman, Mike Coffman, has been demanding answers in the beating death of an elderly man that occurred at the VA Hospital in Columbia. Coffman has written the VA Secretary asking for a full un-redacted report. Robert Hill, 78, was attacked on February 1st by Rudy Perez Jr. The two men were treated and then returned to a common area of the mental health unit in the VA hospital in Columbia. Two minutes after the men were together, Rudy Perez attacked Robert Hill again. Hill was taken to University Hospital where he later died. It was reported that no action has been taken against the staff involved in the incident. However, a spokesperson reports that there are measures being taken to ensure this type of incident does not happen again. Perez was charged with first degree murder. He pled not guilty by reason of insanity and is now in a maximum security unit at the Fulton State Hospital.

Incidents like this are tragic and our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Robert Hill. When facilities do not have proper procedures in place incidents like this can happen. The VA Hospital in Columbia should have a procedure for incidents like this because they are foreseeable. If the VA Hospital had been more diligent and concerned with the safety of their patients this may have been prevented. A personal injury attorney will need to investigate whether or not things like this have happened before at the VA Hospital in Columbia. The attorney will want to subpoena the incident report done by the employees of the VA Hospital in Columbia in the first and second incident. I believe it was grossly negligent to put Robert Hill and Rudy Perez back in the same room together. The Sumner Law Group is experienced in helping the families of injured victims fight corporations that were negligent in protecting them in the first place.

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