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US Renal Care at The Cedars of JCA Shut Down for Contaminating Patients


U.S. Renal Care at the Cedars of JCA in Town & Country, Missouri located at 13190 South Outer 40 Road reported that a cleaning solution, which is commonly used in dialysis, was inadvertently added into their water supply by an employee. It is being reported that eight patients were injected with the cleaning solution and rushed to the hospital to be treated. Federal inspectors and the State of Missouri have shut down US Renal Care in order to investigate. This is an extremely dangerous situation because patients receiving dialysis already have poor functioning kidneys. Dialysis is supposed to clean their blood and remove waste and excess water not put further contamination back into the patient's system.

Please contact The Sumner Law Group immediately if you were a patient of US Renal Care of the Cedars of JCA Town & Country and were affected by the contaminated water during dialysis. You should be entitled to financial compensation for this medical negligence and The Sumner Law Group will take your case on a contingent fee basis.