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Top Car Accident Attorney Tips


Involved in a car accident? Top car accident attorneys will all tell you the same thing if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident with personal injuries or catastrophic injuries. The rules are the same if you were involved in a tractor trailer accident, motorcycle accident or accident with a pedestrian. Follow these rules:

1. Contact the police immediately. The police will do an accident report which will help you when dealing with your insurance company. Likewise, the police and medical personnel can care for the injured parties.

2. If you are injured, stay in your car and wait for medical personnel to arrive on the scene. You should seek medical attention immediately to be evaluated for your injuries. It can take a few days for some injuries to fully reveal themselves especially torn or strained muscles.

3. Exchange insurance information with the other drivers involved in the accident or the police. It is important to verify the insurance cards of the other drivers involved. You will want to make sure their insurance is still current. Write down their policy number and insurance information.

4. Talk to any witnesses that saw what happened. Make sure you get their contact information in case that you need it later. Make sure the police interview any witnesses and get their information for the accident report.

5. Take pictures of the scene, the cars involved and your injuries.

6. Get an estimate on the damage to your vehicle.

7. Contact a Missouri personal injury attorney immediately to assist you with your case and filing the necessary claims.

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