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Man Killed And Five Hurt in Deadly Tractor Trailer Accident on Interstate 64


A man from Centralia, Illinois was killed and five other people were injured in a three car accident involving a tractor trailer on Interstate 64 near Albers, Illinois. Illinois State Police said a Ford Explorer was traveling eastbound, when it went out of control, struck a median and crossed both eastbound lanes before coming to rest in the right lane. A Pontiac Sunfire had to use drastic manuevers to avoid hitting the Ford Explorer but the Tractor Trailer was not so lucky. The Tractor Trailer slammed into the Ford Explorer and then hit the Pontiac Sunfire. A rear passenger in the Pontiac Sunfire was pronounced dead at the scene and five other people were taken to a nearby hospital for non-life threatening injuries.

Who is responsible to the family of the man that died?

Truck Accidents can result in Wrongful Death and Catastrophic Injuries due to the size and weight of the tractor trailer and the damage they can cause. It is important to hire an experienced personal injury attorney when dealing with difficult matters such as deterimining who is responsible for the personal injuries sustained and the wrongful death of the man from Centralia, Illinois. It is no surprise that the insurance companies for all the vehicles involved will be denying liability and pointing fingers at each other in order to avoid paying any money to those injured. The Sumner Law Group's attorneys are licensed in Missouri and Illinois and experienced in dealing with difficult issues such as these.

The Accident Report from the Illinois State Police will be important but it is more important to interview witnesses about the details of what happened. An accident reconstruction expert will be vital to winning this case. Additionally, there are commercial trucking laws that all trucking companies must adhere to which is why it is important to hire an attorney familiar with these laws. Time is of the essence when dealing with difficult cases like these and the families involved should consult an attorney as soon as possible.

As a trial attorney I would file suit against everyone in this case. A claim can be made against the driver of the SUV for driving too fast for road conditions and a claim can be made against the truck driver and the trucking company. The Sumner Law Group has offices in St. Louis, Columbia and Kansas City for your convenience and will take cases on a contingent fee basis so you do not pay anything unless we recover for you.