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Helmets Save Lives


Meg Herndon, a 21 year old Southeast Missouri State college student, died in September from catastrophic injuries when her scooter was struck by a negligent driver. Meg suffered traumatic brain injuries in the accident and died several days later in an area hospital. Her family is entitled to financial compensation for the wrongful death of their daughter.

Cape Girardeau is considering passing a helmet law which will require all scooter riders to wear helmets at all times when operating a scooter. Cape Girardeau Councilman Mark Lanzotti also believes scooter riders should carry insurance. A Missouri city is allowed to make its laws more restrictive than the State but not less restrictive. Missouri cities such as Kansas City, Columbia and St. Louis already require helmets for scooter riders.

It is important that all riders wear helmets. You can be the most experienced rider but accidents can still happen. You can't prevent or protect against bad or negligent Missouri drivers. The Sumner Law Group supports motorcycle riders and wants them to ride safe and always wear a helmet.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident please contact the personal injury attorneys of the Sumner Law Group with offices in St. Louis, Kansas City and Columbia to better serve your needs. The Columbia personal injury law firm of The Sumner Law Group takes cases on a contingent fee basis and gives free consultations.