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Who is Liable for a Drowning Accident in Missouri?


In a case of drowning, the circumstances surrounding the drowning will impact what party(ies) will be found liable for the death. In a private swimming pool, the homeowner may have failed to have a safe locking gate or have an unsafe pool drain or other issue that could lead to being held liable, and forced to pay damages. In a public pool, the municipality could be held liable in a drowning death. At a waterpark, the facility's owner may have liability. If a child drowns while at camp, the camp owners or administrators may be forced to pay.

There are cases in which a service company could be liable, such as when a drain has not been properly maintained, or a hotel or motel may have failed to have adequate locks, and the company maintaining the premises could be held liable. If the drowning took place on a lake and another boater had operated a watercraft in an unsafe manner, putting others at risk, and a drowning took place, that boat operator could be held liable.

Are you concerned about a legal action for a drowning accident? At the Sumner Law Group, LLC we are interested in assisting you to find answers, and to move forward to pursue justice. We will carefully investigate the facts of the case, and can advise you about the issue of liability. As it is necessary to establish the fact of negligence, the "who" and the "why" are both pivotal issues in a drowning case. We understand that it is a difficult time. Seeking compensation in a wrongful death lawsuit is a form of justice that is offered under our civil justice system. The first action is to pursue compensation from the insurance company of the liable party. In some cases, it may be necessary to take the case to a jury. In either case, a skilled attorney is a vital requirement, and can assist you to avoid the pitfalls and confusions you could encounter.