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Drunk Driver Starts Four Car Pile Up With Injuries


On Tuesday, January 22 at around 5:40PM, Richard Jones was traveling westbound on Route B east of Highway 63, in Columbia, Missouri. 36-year-old Jones, a Columbia resident, failed to slow down as he approached a line of cars stopped at a westbound traffic signal. Jones crashed into the back of a car containing 45-year-old Tommy Collum and his passenger 25-year-old Wesley Edwards. This collision caused Collum's car to crash into a car driven by 17-year-old Kelly Cobb, and Cobb's car to subsequently hit 31-year-old Amanda Tilford's car. This four-car pile up caused by Jones, resulted in serious damage to all of the vehicles involved. Edwards suffered serious injuries from the accident, while Collum had moderate injuries and Jones sustained only minor injuries; all three were taken to University Hospital for treatment. Cobb and Tilford were not injured in the accident.

Investigation by the police revealed that both Collum and Edwards were wearing their seatbelts when the accident occurred, and by Wednesday morning on January 23 were both listed in good condition. Police discovered that Jones had not been wearing his seatbelt, had been drinking, and was driving without a license. Jones has previously been convicted of driving without a license, driving without registration, and driving while intoxicated.

In the present case, Jones should not have been driving because his license was suspended and he was intoxicated. An experienced personal injury attorney that handles car accident cases would file a lawsuit against Jones, his insurance company and any other people involved. Personal Injury Car Accident attorneys at The Sumner Law Group will provide a free consultation to discuss your personal injuries and the case. The Sumner Law Group are experienced personal injury attorneys in Columbia, Missouri and all across Missouri that will take your case on a contingent fee basis and get you the financial compensation that you deserve.